Success Stories

CIW has emerged as the leading job-role certification because it demonstrates an individual’s competency in Internet industry standards, concepts and best practices, and provides familiarity with leading hardware and software applications. Learn how CIW Candidates have discovered the power of their CIW certifications.


Data Science Enthusiast

CIW Data Analyst

“I have been taking CIW Data Analyst and I have to say it is a great tool to learn not just about Data Analysis. The content, examples, quizzes, and labs are very useful. This course not only covers all the basics, but the advanced concepts of the Data Analysis as well. This course will provide you more analytics resources to build new insight and actionable intelligence. I will definitely recommend everyone to check this outstanding course!” 

“The career potential with the CIW JavaScript Specialist v2.0 is soaring because of its adaptability and proficiency in learning. This certification is appropriate for every kind of JavaScript developer like software developer, web developer, full-stack developer, UX/UI developer, etc. It includes all the basic concepts, comprising DOM, flow control, frameworks, libraries, form validation, event handling, debugging scripts, and cookie creation.”


Solutions Architect

CIW JavaScript Specialist



Software Developer   

CIW JavaScript Specialist

“I went through the CIW: JavaScript Specialist v2.0 course and I loved it. It is such an
excellent course! The course explains the core concepts in JavaScript
thoroughly and makes it easier to understand with the supplied interactive quiz
sessions. It also has test preparations that are designed to help master the
course as well as prepare you appropriately for the exams. 
The CIW: JavaScript Specialist v2.0 course offers hands-on activities that both beginners and experienced programmers can enjoy while learning. It covers the introduction to the course as well as Web APIs, how to handle JavaScript security, libraries, and frameworks among others.”


“In addition to a raise, the CIW Web Security Professional certification helped me have a more security-focused viewpoint at work; and this helped me get noticed by our Data Security department. I was able to speak a bit of their lingo, share security concerns with them based on things I saw in my ‘normal’ IT role, and that’s what paved the way for me to get offered the data security analyst job I now have.” 


Data Security Analyst

CIW Web Security Professional


HTML Developer & Content Manager 

CIW HTML5 & CSS3 Specialist


“The company I just interviewed with extended me an offer because I had CIW certifications. I love my CIW certs! Very thankful I’m getting a chance to put my certs to good use.”




“My manager told me in my interview that he places more value in certifications than college degrees. He was impressed by my CIW Web Security Associate certification because certifications show him that people have the dedication to learn subject matter and then apply it to achieve that cert.”


CyberSecurity Analyst

CIW Web Security Associate